How To Apply

Organizations must have 501(c)(3) status to apply and program must be based in the following areas: California, New York, Washington State or Washington, D.C.

There is a 3 step grant process:

  1. Inquiry Submission
  2. Full Proposal
  3. Annual Board Meeting


Inquiry Letter: February 1, each year.

Step 1 Inquiry Letter

Interested 501(c)(3) organizations should send a letter of inquiry, no more than 2 pages, describing their organization and the program/project they would like funded. Please include grant amount requested. Grant amounts given are between $2,500 – $10,000.

Inquiry letters should be no more than 2 pages and be received by February 1, each year.

Upload IRSĀ DeterminationĀ Letter as part of the online submission before the Upload Inquiry Letter.


If you would like to mail your inquiry letter, please mail inquiry letters to:

Gould Family Foundation
Maile G. D’Arcy, Program Administrator
2658 Del Mar Heights Rd. #348
Del Mar, CA 92014

Inquiry letters will be reviewed by the full Board of Directors. The Board will select organizations to submit a Full Proposal. The Gould Family Foundation does not accept any unsolicited proposals.

*If you are not selected to send a full proposal, you may re-apply the next funding cycle. Be sure to send a letter of inquiry by the February 1 deadline.

Step 2 Full Proposal

If invited to send a full proposal, guidelines will be provided at that time.

Step 3 Annual Board Meeting

The Gould Family Foundation Board of Directors meet annually, during the summer. They will make all decisions regarding grants given. Organizations selected to receive grants will be notified by phone and email after the meeting. Organizations not selected will be notified by email only.